Series I was presented as a three-act sculptural installation, in which the individual pieces emerged as artifacts from a live performance. The installation and performance articulated, with human movement, music, and light the tension, clarity, captivity, and freedom that are embodied in the work.  “Tension, Undulation, Floatation, Stillness, Confinement and Freedom are some of the tasks we set out to explore through the movement,” states choreographer Elena Vazintaris, “Ideas of activating and deactivating the kinetic response to the sculptures, to each other and within the shared space served as its own topography and became articulators for the performance.”

The performance was directed by Shane Drake with choreography by Elena Vazintaris and an original score by Les Tines. Les Tines created a sonic world which encompasses a deep auditory interpretation of the revealed works. Costumes designed by Jenny Lai.