Structured Transcendence



Revealing Light is Elena's Directorial Debut Featured in Glass Book Magazine. 

Inspired by the works of Chilean poet Gabriela Mistral, Elena directs and choreographs a short film and accompanying editorial featuring performer Roya Carreras. Set to an original score by Greg Lawrence and styled by Ross Erin Martineau, Roya moves through a space exploring her own unique madness; one that is empowering, seductive and vulnerable. Revealing Light is a small glimpse into the strength and complexity of the female psyche and dedicated to all the mad women that make this world a better, more empathetic place.

Director Elena Vazintaris

Cinematographer Jason Brownrigg

Photographer Khrystyna Chekhlata

Edited by Winnie Cheung

Fashion Stylist Ross Erin Martineau

Costume Designer Michael Hili

Prop Styling/ Set Design Conor Fay

Hair Karla Hirkaler

Make Up Jessika Bekteshi

Choreographer Elena Vazintaris

Principal Dancer Roya Carreras

Dancer Nicole Von Arx

Music by Greg Lawrence

Camera Assistants Emily Cameron
Jordan Seiler

Production Carmella Re

Post Production

Special Thanks to
Yes Boss Creative
Harold Joyce
Alexander Isaac Joyce
Alejandra Vazintaris

Set made possible with the generous support of The 4x8 Workshop

Shot at Chemistry Creative Studios, Brooklyn NY